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  • For all skin types – especially for dry/flaky skin
  • For day & night
  • Spray type toner for face
  • Ultra-moisturizing, pH balance, anti-aging, skin regenerating, healing


  • Features & details
    • 5% real steamed Shea Butter Extract provides an extra moisturizing layer
    • Ideal for skin regeneration & fine line removal
    • Ideal for dry, flaky, cracking skin
    • Keep your skin moisturized/hydrated through all four seasons
    • Contains oatmeal & quinoa to help with elongated moisture
    • Hohoba seed oil & almond oil to promote silky smooth texture
    • Other ingredients - Raspberry, Acai berry, Maki berry extracts as antioxidants


  • How to use
    • After washing face, shake toner well and spray it 2-3 times onto face about 20-30cm away and gently pat for better absorption.


  • Application order
    • Shea Butter Toner – Shea Butter Emulsion – Shea Butter Essence – (+ Shea Butter Steam Cream)

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