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  • For acne-prone skin / sensitive skin
  • For day & night
  • Pump / liquid type toner for face
  • Anti-acne, moisturizing, pH balance, pore care, soothing


  • Features & details
    • Effective for acne prone skin
    • Bee Venom complex 83%
    • Bee Venom unclogs pores and breaks down buildup.
    • 8 Chemicals free (No paraben, No artificial aroma, No artificial pigment, No mineral oil, No chemical surfactant, No talc, No benzophenone, No triethanolamine)
    • Myrtus Ugni Tree extract and other natural ingredients are used as anti-acne complex to moisturize and soothe the skin.
    • 7 kinds of natural ingredients including lactobacillus, bean fermentation extract, portulaca extract, willow, cypress, gold extract, oregano are combined for control of moisture, pH and skin soothing.


  • How to use
    • After washing face, pump the toner 2-3 times onto a cotton pad/ palm and gently spread over the face. Pat for better absorption.


  • Application order
    • Bee Venom Toner/ Bee Venom Mist Essence – Bee Venom Emulsion – Bee Venom Spot Cream/Bee Venom Clear Patch

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