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Jeju Sparkling Mud Foam Cleanser contains French Mud which creates a fine scrub in rich and soft foam that cleans makeup up and impurities away from skin. This cleanser is great for oil control and pore tightening as well as moisture and soothing due to its Jeju Carbonated water content.

Features & Details

  • For all skin types
  • For day & night
  • Amazing gentle exfoliation with fine scrubs and a rich soft foam
  • Contains Jeju tonic spa water to treat sebum effectively with minerals
  • Main ingredients include: 1400mg of Jeju seltzer, 200 mg of France mud, betaine, seaweed extract, extract agar. Damask rose flower extract, lavender flower extract, and rosemary extract
  • Lathers to contain micro granules which helps to remove impurities in pores and makeup reside for porcelain skin

[How to use]

Create bubble with a suitable amount and
massage the entire face and wash it off with
lukewarm water.


- Contents : 150ml

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