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About us

Nature Republic is one of the top leading Korean cosmetics brands that provides high quality beauty products made from natural ingredients. It was launched in South Korea in 2009 by Woon Ho Jung, who is also the founder of the famous "The Face Shop". His legacy continues in the unprecedented success of Nature Republic by effectively identifying the target consumers who look for truly natural products at affordable prices.

The flagship store in downtown Seoul has become a famous landmark that draws over 5,000 visitors daily from all over the world. The unique and innovative naturalistic technology and the strategic marketing through world famous K-POP stars successfully appeals savvy consumers of today across borders.

Nature Republic has been the leader in changing the trend of the cosmetics industry with many innovative products. Nature Republic’s renowned Aloe Soothing Gel has set the record by having over 100,000 jars sold in one day on T-mall, the biggest online shopping mall in China, and the item is selling over 7 million jars worldwide every month, generating many copycat products from other manufacturers. The superior quality of Nature Republic products is publicly acknowledged by numerous international awards, such as 2013 iF Design Award, 2015 Shanghai Asia Brand Awards, 2015 Golden Beauty Awards Gold Prize, and many more.

Currently Nature Republic has 940 stores worldwide including 13 stores in the U.S. As the brand gains international popularity, there have been increasing numbers of inquiries from Canadian consumers. The company has finally decided to open stores in Canada in 2016.