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  • Winner of Monde Selection 2016
  • Best quality and top rated wrinkle removal and whitening line
  • Anti-aging, moisturizing, nourishing, brightening
  • For all skin types / mature skin
  • For day & night time
  • Watery cream for face


  • Features & details
    • Ideal for uneven skin tone, aging spots, pigmentation, scars, blemishes, sun spots
    • Active ingredients: 99% gold, red ginseng, golden silk cocoon, royal jelly
    • Gold promotes blood circulation and brightens skin tone. It is used for skin detox by clearing off sebum and metal materials, accelerating absorption of other ingredients into skin.
    • Royal ginseng has anti-oxidant minerals and amino-acid for revitalizing tired skin.
    • Golden Cocoon silk extracted from gold silkworm, which is similar to skin compound, activates skin cell regeneration.
    • Royal Jelly from Mountain Jiri extracted from Honey mix controls pH balance, keeps skin firm and delivers extensive brightening effects to dull complexion


  • How to use
    • After applying Ginseng Royal Silk Eye Cream or at the last step of your skin routine, gently spread the cream over the entire face avoiding the eye areas until fully moisturized.


  • Application order
    • Ginseng Royal Silk Toner – Ginseng Royal Silk Ampoule – Ginseng Royal Silk Essence – Ginseng Royal Silk Emulsion – Ginseng Royal Silk Eye Cream – Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream

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